First-Time Seller Tips: What You Should Know In Advance

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First-Time Seller Tips: What You Should Know In Advance

When I put my house on the market, nobody told me about the flurry of real estate agent meetings, showings, open houses, and staging appointments. When you add the paperwork, I was overwhelmed. After the process was over and I left the closing, I decided to create a website that focused on all of those things that I didn't know I'd have to do. My goal for this site is to make sure that other first-time sellers have a resource to learn what they can expect from the sale and closing process. I hope that the posts here help you prepare for your first sale with the confidence of an old pro.


4 Tips To Help Sell Your House More Quickly

12 August 2017
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If you need to sell your house more quickly in a lagging market, there are some tricks you can employ to help bring more buyers to your door. With the help of your real estate agent, you're more likely to get an offer on your house if you consider the following tips. 1. Get your house professionally cleaned. Even if you're a clean person, there are things you will miss simply because you are so familiar with the space. Read More …

Choosing The Right Location For Your Office: Four Things To Consider

2 August 2017
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Whether you are renting your first commercial office space or you want to expand to a bigger space, you'll want to make sure that the location you select is right for your business. The following considerations, along with your real estate agent, can help you to find the right office to meet your needs. Travel Times It's important to take travel times into consideration when you rent a commercial office space. Read More …

A Few Reasons To Use A Realtor

7 July 2017
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Buying a home is an exciting experience, but it can definitely be overwhelming at times. However, there are a few different things that you can do that will streamline the process. You can ensure that your credit is in good standing, pre-qualify for a loan, and use a realtor. Each of these three steps can significantly improve your experience buy a home. This article is going to focus on why it is a good idea to use a realtor when you are looking for a home. Read More …

Tips For Finding Your Dream Home

30 May 2017
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Searching for a home is exciting, but it can also be a bit of an intimidating process. If you're like most people, then when the time comes to find a home, you want nothing but the absolute best that the real estate market has to offer. And, while there are a lot of great homes out there, finding the one that is just right for you can be a bit overwhelming. Read More …

Should You Offer Seller Financing For Your Home?

23 May 2017
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Traditionally, home buyers use mortgages from banks to purchase homes. However, you can offer buyers who may not qualify or want traditional loans an alternative called seller financing. This is where the buyer essentially makes payments directly to you for your home. Here's more information about how this option works and why it may be a good one for you. Seller Financing Basics As noted previously, with seller financing, you act as the lender. Read More …