4 Tips To Help Sell Your House More Quickly

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4 Tips To Help Sell Your House More Quickly

12 August 2017
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If you need to sell your house more quickly in a lagging market, there are some tricks you can employ to help bring more buyers to your door. With the help of your real estate agent, you're more likely to get an offer on your house if you consider the following tips.

1. Get your house professionally cleaned.

Even if you're a clean person, there are things you will miss simply because you are so familiar with the space. Hiring a cleaning service will help you get those places that always get forgotten, like the fingerprints on the front of the fridge or the insides of your cabinet drawers.

2. Rent a storage unit. 

Get a jump start on moving by packing up personal items and clutter to make your home seem larger and more inviting to potential buyers. Move bulky furniture, bookshelves, baby gear, and other similar items into the storage unit to maximize visible floor space. Pack up toys, odd books, mail, paperwork, and office paraphernalia. Finally, don't forget to take your kids' drawings off the fridge and to take apart the swing set in the backyard. 

3. Stage your home.

People like the see how a home could be if it was theirs. Often, your furniture might be mismatched or worn out, and this can affect the way other people see your house. Instead, invite a professional stager to come and maximize your living space with chic, designer pieces that help a person to see the potential of a home. Some stagers even add things like custom light fixtures, new curtains, and basic decor to really tie a space together.

4. Clean up the yard. 

Curb appeal is essential to getting buyers interested in viewing the inside of your home. This is an area where people often judge a book by its cover. Do everything you can to spruce up the outside. You might add some flower boxes to the window, repaint the front door, weed the flower bed, or power wash your siding. Clear all clutter, like trash or old vehicles, out of the yard.

Clean the exterior windows to help provide a neat appearance. Don't forget to mow the lawn on the day of your open house and keep the latches to your gates well oiled so people can easily use them. 

For more information about finding a home for sale or about selling your home quickly, contact a real estate agent in your area.