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First-Time Seller Tips: What You Should Know In Advance

When I put my house on the market, nobody told me about the flurry of real estate agent meetings, showings, open houses, and staging appointments. When you add the paperwork, I was overwhelmed. After the process was over and I left the closing, I decided to create a website that focused on all of those things that I didn't know I'd have to do. My goal for this site is to make sure that other first-time sellers have a resource to learn what they can expect from the sale and closing process. I hope that the posts here help you prepare for your first sale with the confidence of an old pro.


3 Features That Will Encourage Backyard Use When Buying a Home

20 January 2021
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Before buying a home, you may notice that some of your friends and relatives who own homes do not spend much time in their backyard. If you are interested in buying a single-family home that comes with a backyard, you may want your family to use the space. To make sure this happens, learn more about the following features.  Fencing A great place to start is with demanding a backyard fence that you know will be able to provide reliable privacy for your family. Read More …