Last-Minute Things To Do Before Dashing Out Before An Open House

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Last-Minute Things To Do Before Dashing Out Before An Open House

28 December 2016
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Preparing for an open house when your home is for sale means that you'll be performing a variety of tasks that will show the residence in the best possible light. In advance of the open house, you'll clean and declutter your home, make sure that your grass is cut, and you may even put out accents such as freshly cut flowers on your kitchen table. As you get ready to leave the house in anticipation of your listing agent arriving and running the open house, you might be wondering about any last-minute things you can do to further increase the home's appearance. Here are some suggestions.

Stash Your Family's Shoes

No prospective buyer wants to step into a home in which the front entrance is littered with shoes from the homeowner's family. This can create a negative first impression, even if it's on the minor side. You can avoid such a problem by quickly collecting all of the shoes that have been left around the door and stacking them neatly in the shoe rack in your cupboard.

Put The Cat Out

If you have a cat, you might prefer that it stays outside during the open house. Having the cat outside means that it won't serve as a distraction to those attending the event, nor will it be problematic for browsers who have pet allergies.

Hide Any Personal Effects

People will be walking throughout your home, so if there are personal effects that you don't want people to see, now is the time to quickly deal with them. Something as simple as a bank statement shouldn't be left on the counter; not only is there a potential security risk, but such items can make the area feel cluttered. If you have a safe, you can put these items inside it. Otherwise, hiding them in a dresser drawer is sufficient.

Turn The Lights On

While you might be in the habit of turning the lights off when you leave your home, it's a good idea to turn them on before the open house. This will make the rooms look warm and inviting, especially if it's a dreary day with a shortage of natural light coming through your windows.

Clear The Driveway

If your family has multiple vehicles, there's no sense in having one or more of them cluttering your driveway. While you'll be driving one vehicle away when you leave, take a minute to park the others in a suitable area. For example, park them on the street a few blocks away.