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First-Time Seller Tips: What You Should Know In Advance

When I put my house on the market, nobody told me about the flurry of real estate agent meetings, showings, open houses, and staging appointments. When you add the paperwork, I was overwhelmed. After the process was over and I left the closing, I decided to create a website that focused on all of those things that I didn't know I'd have to do. My goal for this site is to make sure that other first-time sellers have a resource to learn what they can expect from the sale and closing process. I hope that the posts here help you prepare for your first sale with the confidence of an old pro.


3 Features That Will Encourage Backyard Use When Buying a Home

20 January 2021
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Before buying a home, you may notice that some of your friends and relatives who own homes do not spend much time in their backyard. If you are interested in buying a single-family home that comes with a backyard, you may want your family to use the space. To make sure this happens, learn more about the following features.  Fencing A great place to start is with demanding a backyard fence that you know will be able to provide reliable privacy for your family. Read More …

4 Essential Questions To Ask When Renting A House

6 October 2020
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When a person needs a rental property to live in, they can turn to apartment listings or home rentals. Renting a home is like renting an apartment, yet there are some differences. If you have never rented a house before, you might want to know what questions to ask and what to evaluate. Here are four essential questions you might want to ask before signing the lease. 1. Who Does the Yard Work? Read More …

3 Things To Understand About HOA Dues When Buying A House

25 November 2019
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If you are looking for a home that suits your needs, budget, and desires, you might encounter some houses for sale that you like that are part of a homeowners association (HOA). When you buy a house that is included in an HOA, you will have dues to pay each month to the HOA, and these dues can affect a variety of things. Here are three important things you should understand about these dues when buying a house. Read More …

3 Places You Can Find A Good Realtor (And One You Just Shouldn’t)

19 November 2018
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Whether you are buying or selling a home, finding the right realtor for your needs can be tough. You can't just look on the internet for the nearest person to help you with one of the biggest purchases of your life. You need someone that is not only licensed to do the job, but also experienced enough to do it right.   1. Family: This comes with a caveat. Asking your grandparents for real estate advice when they haven't purchased a house since 1947 and they think $60,000 is a bit pricey for a house is not the best decision on your part. Read More …

Don’t Wait Till Spring: How Buying A New Home During The Winter Has Its Advantages

11 September 2018
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If you're planning on buying a new home this next spring, you might want to start a bit earlier. In fact, you might want to start looking for single family homes for sale this winter instead. The weather might be better in the spring, but good weather isn't going to give you the advantage. You're going to enjoy the most advantages by doing your house-hunting during the winter when everyone else is holding out for spring. Read More …