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First-Time Seller Tips: What You Should Know In Advance

When I put my house on the market, nobody told me about the flurry of real estate agent meetings, showings, open houses, and staging appointments. When you add the paperwork, I was overwhelmed. After the process was over and I left the closing, I decided to create a website that focused on all of those things that I didn't know I'd have to do. My goal for this site is to make sure that other first-time sellers have a resource to learn what they can expect from the sale and closing process. I hope that the posts here help you prepare for your first sale with the confidence of an old pro.


What To Consider When Searching For Your Retirement Home

26 March 2018
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If you are approaching retirement and are looking to downsize, your needs for a home will be quite different from when you were starting a family. You'll be thinking about several of your needs as you reach an old age, and that can affect how you search for a home. Here are a few things to consider when looking for your next home to start retirement. Smaller Square Footage A large house was fine when you were raising kids, but it is just not practical in retirement. Read More …

Buying A Home? 3 Things Buyers Should Try To Ignore

7 February 2018
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When you're in the market to buy a home, there are a lot of things that can be off-putting. However, it is important that you don't let these things bother you. Keep in mind that sellers do not have to make sure that their homes are in tip-top shape before an open house or before a buyer comes to look at them. However, that laziness can lead to an upside for you, as a buyer. Read More …

3 Reasons To Consider Buying A Home In A Gated Community

9 January 2018
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Gated communities can often be a great option when looking for a new home, typically due to the various security and privacy benefits that they can provide. Listed below are just three of the many reasons to consider buying a home in a gated community. A Gated Community Will Be Much Safer A huge reason to consider buying a home in a gated community is that it will typically be much safer than living in a normal neighborhood. Read More …

Alternative Loan Types That New Home Buyers Can Consider

15 December 2017
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If you are looking for a new home, you might feel discouraged if you can't qualify for a conventional mortgage. These often require a large down payment which many people cannot afford, especially in areas where even "starter" real estate is priced high. Conventional mortgages often require a good credit history and extensive proof of employment, which can be hard for some people to verify. If you are having a hard time getting pre-approved for conventional lending, you might decide to look at other mortgage options to help you buy a home. Read More …

Contingencies And Your New Home

21 November 2017
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Once you've finally found the perfect home and the buyer has accepted your offer, it's only a matter of weeks before you will be the owner of a new home. The contract to purchase has been signed, and the sale will move ahead toward the eventual closing in a few weeks. No matter how "perfect" you may view your new home, all homes have issues, and the contract has provisions that cover those issues. Read More …