4 Essential Questions To Ask When Renting A House

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4 Essential Questions To Ask When Renting A House

6 October 2020
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When a person needs a rental property to live in, they can turn to apartment listings or home rentals. Renting a home is like renting an apartment, yet there are some differences. If you have never rented a house before, you might want to know what questions to ask and what to evaluate. Here are four essential questions you might want to ask before signing the lease.

1. Who Does the Yard Work?

When you live in an apartment complex, you are often never responsible for yard work. If you rent a home, you might be responsible for these duties. The only way you will know is by asking. Therefore, ask the landlord who handles the yard work. If the tenant is responsible for the yard work, you will have to handle these duties all summer long. Do you have the equipment to do these things? If not, you might want to make sure your budget can handle buying the things you need to keep up with the yard.

2. Can You Plant Things?

The second question to ask is if you can plant things in the yard. Some landlords have strict rules about home rentals and their yards, while others give you more freedom. If you love planting flowers and keeping up with the landscaping, you might want to make sure that you will have this freedom if you rent this home.

3. How Can You Use the Yard?

One nice aspect of renting a home is that you may get a yard. However, how can you use it? Are you allowed to place outdoor equipment in the yard? For example, you might have a swing set for your kids. Will your landlord let you put this in the yard? Again, some landlords are flexible, while others have strict rules that they enforce.

4. Who Handles Snow Removal and Other Basic Services?

Finally, you might want to ask the landlord about snow removal. Many rental properties include free snow removal services, but some do not. If you rent an apartment, this service tends to come with the rental. When you rent a home, it can go either way. You might also want to ask about garbage pickup and other types of basic services that typically come with rental properties.

If you want to rent a home or an apartment, talk to a property manager. A manager can help you find the right property for your needs and budget. Contact a company, such as ABA Rental Properties Inc, for more information.