3 Considerations To Make Before Buying A Mountain Home

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3 Considerations To Make Before Buying A Mountain Home

21 October 2017
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Moving into the mountains could mean access to some of the most beautiful views in the world. However, there are special considerations that you should make before making your purchase if you want to get the most from your investment. Here are some tips to help with selecting the right mountain home for you.

Consider the Commute

Living in the mountains offers the seclusion you might be looking for. However, you will still have to make trips into the nearest town or city to pick up supplies. A quick trip into town could easily turn into a long commute if you are not selective in where you live.

To avoid this, take the time to consider what is a reasonable commute to you. Once you know, you can limit your search to mountain homes that are within that area.

Be Aware of the Additional Costs

Maintaining a mountain home is different than maintaining one in the city. There are several fees that could drive up the cost of living and if you are not prepared for it, you could find yourself in a financially rough spot.

For instance, if you purchase a home in the mountains, your utilities could be higher. Some insurance providers require special insurance for covering mountain homes. Talk to your real estate agent to learn about all the special fees that could occur before you make an offer.

Verify Water Supply

One of the unique challenges that can come with mountain living is that there could be some issues with having running water. Some areas have restrictions on where wells can be placed, which could mean you buy a property and could be without water. You would have to obtain a water well permit, which is challenging in some areas.

To avoid this unfortunate scenario, you need to make sure the mountain home you purchase already has a water well in place or is part of a water co-op. If it is not, find out if the property has been approved for drilling. If it has not, research what it will take to get the permit to drill and place the water well.

There are other considerations to make before making an offer. Work with a real estate agent who is experienced in mountain homes to make sure you have covered everything. He or she can also offer a special insight into living in the area if you have not before.