Want To Expand Your Reselling Business? Buy A House That Accomplishes This Goal

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Want To Expand Your Reselling Business? Buy A House That Accomplishes This Goal

28 December 2016
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Thrift stores, estate sales, business liquidations, and garage sales are all opportunities to buy items that you can resell at a higher price to customers that want or need the items throughout the world. If you run a reselling business and have been successful for an extended period of time, you may be interested in taking it a step further by purchasing a house that allows you to noticeably expand your operation. The smartest thing to do is look at specific details with each property to find one that best suits your needs.

Extra Bedrooms

An excellent start is getting a house with an extra bedroom or two. It is nice because you have the option of using each room for a variety of purposes, such as a standard bedroom, guest room, or craft room. But, their main purpose can be to create an office for you to handle everything on the technical side. This can include setting up a computer, packing station, and printer to streamline some processes. Another way to use the rooms is by storing the items that you have bought that need to be in a climate controlled area.

Large Garage

Do not underestimate the impact that a large garage can have on your operation. If you normally use a storage unit because your current home does not allow for much storage, you could take everything out of storage with a large enough garage in which you cleverly implement storage solutions. You can put in overhead storage and use three entire walls from top to bottom to fill up with inventory for selling.


While the garage is a great place for storing items, even the largest garages might not have enough storage space to meet your demands when it comes to holding inventory. If you need extra room, an unfinished or finished basement can do the trick. The fact that you can take on a basement in either state really opens up your possibilities when it comes to looking at homes that have this feature included. A finished basement can even serve as a potential office like you would with an extra bedroom.

Storage Shed

Some properties have a storage shed in the backyard for things like garden or workshop supplies. If you are not too interested in this kind of work and would prefer to hire professionals for help, you can even use the storage shed for storing some items you are selling. If you always sell items of high value, you want to make sure the shed is in a location that allows you to easily protect it from thieves.

Buying a home with this knowledge will undoubtedly help your reselling business grow.