Top 3 Reasons Why A Retirement Community May Be Right For You

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Top 3 Reasons Why A Retirement Community May Be Right For You

20 December 2016
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Are you or your parents at or nearing retirement age? Are people suggesting that you should move to a retirement community, but you don't feel "old enough" yet to do that? But retirement communities aren't just for people who are "old" or sick. There are many reasons why you or your parents might want to live in such a place, some of which you may not have previously considered. A few reasons why you might want to give this more thought include:

Lower crime rate: Crimes are often committed by teenagers and young adults. A retirement community is obviously restricted by age, helping to prevent you from being a victim of a crime of boredom or opportunity, such as a mugging. While crimes like burglary are still possible no matter where you live, you can look for suitable 55+ homes for sale in a gated retirement community. This will help keep you or your parents from becoming a victim of crime now and in the future. 

Less work: Caring for a large home can be expensive and take a lot of time. Instead of enjoying your retirement years, you could wind up spending a significant amount of time doing chores like cleaning out your gutters and mowing your lawn. Unless you actually like doing these kinds of things, you'll be spending this time wishing that you could be doing something else. And even if you do enjoy puttering around the house, getting older means that you may no longer be able to enjoy the same activities that you used to in the past. Fortunately, you can find 55+ homes for sale in communities where exterior home maintenance is included. You may still mow the lawn if you want, but you'll also be able to have someone else do it if you're busy or otherwise unable to take care of it.

Fun activities: Although you may still enjoy playing tennis or other sports, it may be difficult to keep up with people who are half your age. Living outside of a retirement community, it may be difficult to find people of an appropriate age and skill level to go rock climbing or participate in other activities with you. If you still want to lead an active lifestyle, look for 55+ homes for sale in communities that advertise a wide variety of group events. There may also be a community swimming pool, tennis courts, and other facilities for the use of residents.