3 Things You Can Offer to Help Sell Your House

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3 Things You Can Offer to Help Sell Your House

20 December 2016
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If you are trying to sell your house you might be wondering what you can to increase the interest in your home and encourage it to sell faster. There are lots of things that can do to help potential buyers take more interest in your house. Here are a couple things you can try.

1. Offer to Pay Closing Costs

If you can, you should offer to pay the closing costs for the buyer. Generally, if the buyer is using a mortgage lender they will have to pay an extra couple thousand of dollars in closing costs. If you can plan ahead and include closing costs in your asking price, it will really help the offer. For example, if you were thinking of getting $245,000 out of your house, try asking for $255,000 this gives you some wiggles room to lower the offer for the buyer, and to pay their closing costs.

Then if the potential buyer is looking at two houses, yours and someone else's, they may be more likely to buy yours since they will be saving a good deal of money on the closing costs.

2. Offer to Leave Furniture

Another thing that can help to sell your home is to offer to leave any furniture with the purchase. For example, if you have a great entertainment center that fits the room perfectly and a nice TV, you can offer to leave these items. This allows the buyer to roll purchasing things like the furniture into their mortgage and prevents them from having to furnish the whole thing themselves. You can account for leaving some of the items in the offer you accept. You may want to add in a couple extra hundred dollars, up to a couple extra thousand dollars, depending on how much you end up leaving. But in may cases if your rugs, and furniture are in good condition, and if they fit the house well, potential buyers may be interested in getting all of it.

3. Offer to Leave Appliances

Lastly, even more than the furniture, people like to have the appliances left. Furniture requires a similar style, appliances generally are functional, so the new buyers may be excited that you are leaving a fridge, microwave or anything else. In addition, you can leave lawn mowers, trimmers, and yard tools. If the buyers are first time homeowners this could really sweeten the deal.

By offering these simple things you can improve the chances of selling your home. Contact real estate agents to ensure your offers still help you get the better end of the deal.